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Every business is an online business.

In a survey conducted by, many business owners report they don't have the skills or the time to build a business website. A surprising number say their business doesn't need a website. If you're a small business owner or SME without a website, the opportunity cost of not having a business website is far greater than any cost to build even a simple online presence.

Print directories had their moment. If you're business isn't online, it doesn't exist.

Why is a website so important?

Not having a website sends a message to potential customers that you're not interested in new business—you're not interested in them. Customers aren't expecting a massive web presence from SMEs, but they do expect to be able to easily find basic information about your company or brand outside of social media platforms.

Isn't my social media page good enough?

Having social media accounts is great, especially if you've accumulated product or company reviews. But social media platforms are constantly evolving which means changes in search algorithms, news feed prioritization, and other aspects happen often and could negatively impact your exposure to new business opportunities. Relying solely on social media means you're putting your company's future potential in someone else's hands with no control over what happens.

Is updating the website difficult?

For most SMEs, a basic website is all that's needed. We can build a website fairly quickly with your collaboration and provide a login for you to easily make updates—as easily as updating a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. We lay the foundation and complete the tricky parts while you can keep your company website fresh with new articles, images, and so on.

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