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Reduce risk, optimize performance, and extract the most value from assets

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"I don't trust any information that is two hours old. We need real-time information in one platform to make a good business decision, and Infor provides that ability."
—Luke Rains, System Development Director, Preferred Sands


Companies in all four sectors of the oil and gas industry can improve performance and manage assets more effectively thanks to the advanced capabilities of Infor EAM for Oil and Gas. You’ll reduce downtime, increase revenue efficiency, and cut operational costs while ensuring safety and compliance.

Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management
Measure past performance and forecast activities with modern dynamic EPM software.
Infor ION eliminates information silos
Infor ION provides easy integration with other Infor solutions as well as third-party applications and services.
The foundation of your entire enterprise

Infor OS serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem, providing seamless integration between systems, a unified user experience across all applications, and organization-wide visibility into the real-time information you need to drive your business.

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