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Is your network fit to power your business—reliably and without interruption?

When your network is healthy, you can connect to the Internet and work without a hitch. But if a network problem causes your connection to slow down or drop completely, your operation comes to a screeching halt. Downtime can be infuriating and extremely costly, affecting your productivity and your bottom line.

Networks are like weddings. Guests often don't notice when everything runs smoothly, but everyone remembers when they don't.
We have the expertise and tools to evaluate your entire network, identify and rank risks by severity, and help resolve any issues we find before they become a problem. ​ ...
Expert Network Assessment (Free Consult)
30 min
Free Consult

So, how do you make sure your network won't let your business down? Our network experts perform thorough assessments so you can be confident your connection—and your business—will continue to run smoothly.


We have the expertise and tools to evaluate your entire network, identify and rank risks by severity, and help resolve any issues we find before they become a problem.

At the end of the assessment, you will know:

  • If your network has any vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your business

  • If there are existing problems on the network affecting your connection

  • If hardware or software needs replacement to improve security or performance

  • Any immediate steps we can take to solve critical issues

  • How we can help future-proof your network so your business is always supported

Our Expert Network Assessment service includes Network Discovery!

The Expert Network Assessment takes 7–10 days and includes our Network Discovery service, which often reveals hundreds of unrecognized devices and sometimes critical vulnerabilities on your network. If we've already conducted the Network Discovery within the last 14 days, we will use that data to provide the Expert Network Assessment and apply the cost of the Network Discovery as a credit.


Will an expert visit my business?

It's usually not necessary. During the Network Discovery, a tiny command-line utility—called a collector—is installed on a PC connected to the network. We provide the application file to you, and you can easily run a single line command to start the collector and enter a connection key, which we also provide. One of our experts is available by phone or video chat during a pre-scheduled time to walk you through every step if you need assistance. You can read more about the collector and Network Discovery process here.

An expert may visit your business, however, if you do not have IT professionals on site or the Expert Network Assessment is part of setting up a new Managed Network Services account. Currently, travel outside of the Budapest, Hungary area is billable at our standard travel rate.

What is included in the Expert Network Assessment Report?

Since the Network Discovery is included, you will receive a detailed map of your network including your network elements and all connected devices like workstations, laptops, mobile and IP phones, printers, security devices, and more—anything that's connected to your network. You'll also receive an Excel file with your entire network inventory organized in the following groups:

  • Network Elements (Routers, Switches, Access Points)

  • External Internet Connections

  • Networks (Routed Networks, VLANs, WiFi Networks)

  • Device Inventory (including Name, IP Address, Serial Number, Firmware Version, and more)

  • Interface Inventory (Devices may have multiple interfaces—Ethernet + WiFi)

  • Active Services (i.e. Port Availability for DNS, FTP, IMAP/POP3/SMTP, Databases, VNC, and more)

  • Cloud Controllers (if present)

  • Components (if present)

  • Configurations (i.e. Last Saved and Last Modified by Device)

  • Remote Tunnels (if present)

  • Routing Table

  • OID Monitors (if available)

  • Hardware Sensors (if present)

  • Audit Logs (if applicable for configuration changes)

  • Multiple Network Usage Static Pages

Finally, and the most valuable of all, you'll receive a detailed 12+ page Expert Network Assessment Report which outlines the State of the Network as determined by our experts, any Remediation Actions Taken (with your consent), and Recommendations for future-proofing your network.

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