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Augmented Reality Isn't Just For Games

Most people might think AR and VR technologies belong in the gaming industry. However, these technologies can be used as powerful business applications as well.

DAQRI augmented reality technologies empower employees with next generation productivity.

What if there was a way to provide visual guidance to your team to handle complex processes and challenges in real time? Well, there is. While many enterprises may struggle to see the application of new technologies like augmented reality, DAQRI has created a compelling solution that implements augmented reality into complex business operations.

DAQRI Worksense™ and Smart Glasses

Remote systems diagnostics can be tricky, and staffing engineers full-time is expensive - especially if the rate of systems trouble is low. With DAQRI, your senior engineers can guide a local technician through critical steps remotely with hands-free, digitally annotated interactions.

They've also integrated with IoT systems to provide virtual equipment tagging, real-time sensor data, and operating guidance to inspection, repair, and maintenance technicians.

With applications like DAQRI scan, your onsite users can instantly create 3D digital models of assets and locations, which allows engineers and architects to work with highly accurate digital models remotely.

For work in progress at a job site, teams can interact with a high resolution full-scale immersive walkthrough. Remote design professionals can instantly communicate modifications to the team on site.

Assembly personnel involved in complex build processes can receive real-time visual guidance at each build step along with safety and "pre-flight" checklists. For connected technologies, teams can conduct performance testing and diagnostics with visual indicators of items to check or adjust.

Only our imagination limits the number of real-world applications for businesses at this point, and we're excited to see technologies like AR applied in practical ways for enterprises.

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