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Network Discovery

How well do you really know your business network?

We often find hundreds of unrecognized devices on business networks that have access without the client's knowledge. This can affect network performance and create security vulnerabilities. We'll conduct a network audit over the course of a week and provide a map of your network, a device inventory, and essential recommendations from our experts.

Managed Network Service

Networks are the gateway to everything your employees need to do their jobs. Let's talk about how we can keep your business connected and your operations running smoothly.

With our Managed Network Service, your network will just work, kind of like electricity—silently and reliably functioning in the background—powering your business to do what it does best. Let us worry about keeping you connected—because managing the network is what we do best.

Expert Network Assessments

Is your network fit to power your business - reliably and without interruption?

Our experts perform on-site network assessments so you can be confident your connection—and your business—will continue to run smoothly. In addition to the Network Discovery service, the Network Assessment Report reveals improper network configurations and potential security threats. We'll prepare a list of immediate action items to solve critical issues and improve the state of your network.

Business Software & Solutions

You've already invested enormous resources perfecting your business operations. Building custom software is probably not your thing. We engineer and build software and web applications that fit your operation like a finely tailored shirt. From simple business websites and micro services to full-scale enterprise applications like ERPs, CRMs, EAMs, and SCMs, we have the experience and expertise to deliver not just software—but solutions.


Our firm is a Microsoft Partner and Amazon Technology Partner. We are highly experienced with consolidations and integrations between on-premise and cloud-based platforms including Microsoft Azure/Office365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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