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Build, Extend, or Buy?

Sometimes your requirements don't quite fit into off-the-shelf software

Buy: If the wheel exists, roll with it

Business technology and software evolve at a rapid pace. When consulting with our clients, we're often able to leverage existing platforms and solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel. We've partnered with global leaders such as Infor, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services in order to deliver an expansive portfolio of applications, platforms, and infrastructure.


A business following recognized best practices for their industry usually can adopt scalable, ready-built applications to drive their operations. In most cases, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower when a business can avoid custom-built solutions.

Extend: Reduce effort with a cake mix

Sometimes your requirements may not quite fit into off-the-shelf software. Constraints may occur due to local regulations, specialized or proprietary processes, support for a particular language or culture, and so on. However, in most cases, your requirements can be accommodated through what we call the "cake mix" approach.

While it might be fun to bake a cake from scratch, using a commercially produced cake mix saves time and ensures a properly formulated mixture of base ingredients (the software). Add water, oil, and eggs to the base (the infrastructure) and you've got yourself a cake. Now it's time to customize the cake according to your requirements with frosting and decorations (extensions and add-ons).

Most of our clients fit into this "cake mix" approach. By starting with award-winning, industry-specific solutions, the time to implement and total cost of ownership can be reduced significantly compared to custom-built solutions. Even the largest enterprise systems can go-live in as little as 12 weeks.


Infor CloudSuites

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Red Hat OpenShift


C#, .NET, Entity Framework, MVC

NodeJs, Typescript, JavaScript

Ionic Framework, Cordova, Angular

PHP, Ubuntu, Apache, IIS

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle MySQL

Infor Mongoose



- CloudSuites, Industry-Specific ERPs

- Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

- Performance Management (d/EPM)

- Manufacturing (Infor LN, Syteline)


- Dynamics 365

- Office 365

- Power BI

Rapid Development with Infor Mongoose

With tools like Infor Mongoose, we can rapidly develop custom high-end user experiences for internal and external users. Coupled with Infor ION and Infor Ming.le, custom applications can integrate seamlessly with third-party applications.

Build: When the secret is in the sauce

Sometimes, the decision to build custom applications is the right decision. Although the total cost of ownership will likely be higher than off-the-shelf or extended solutions, the value the application brings to the company warrants the higher cost of development and maintenance. In the case of SaaS development, the value may even come from the sale or licensing of the software itself.

Our clients are some of the largest corporations, governments, and authorities in the world. Our vetted development team works in strict compliance to government regulations, intellectual  property rights, non-disclosure agreements, and other contractual requirements.

Our senior developers have over 30 years of commercial software development experience across a wide variety of industries, platforms, frameworks, and programming languages. If you can imagine it, we can build it—and in some cases, we'll even imagine it for you.

If you can imagine it, we can build it—and in some cases, we'll even imagine it for you.

Need more details? Contact us.

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