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Does your enterprise technical infrastructure run like a supercar?

Supercars don't run on luck. Neither should your network.

Everything your company needs to operate is online, and the days of business networks consisting of only a few hardware components and some cables are long gone. In the era of digital transformation, the Internet of things (IoT), data lakes, and blockchain technology, enterprises are spending billions to upgrade and update their technical footprint in order to remain competitive.

According to 451 Research, 60% of enterprises plan to shift their infrastructure off-premises in 2019, which allows companies to utilize business intelligence, AI technology, machine learning, and analyze enormous amounts of data at high speeds.

With "pay-as-you-go" utilization-based services from global service providers like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, technology that once was only available to a select few is now available to small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide. The supercars of enterprise technology are now in the hands of everyday drivers.

Supercars, however, don't run on luck, and making a mistake behind the wheel can prove to be extremely costly at rapid speeds. The team at Makánal Tech can help keep you on track whether your network is on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid.


Your network will just work, powering your business to do what it does best.


Is your network fit to run reliably and without interruption?


Real-time network maps, traffic insights, configuration automation, and more.

There is help for the DIY-ers

Even if your global infrastructure is operated through a service provider like Microsoft or Amazon Web Services, your facilities and offices still need to maintain a reliable and high-performing connection in order to remain productive. If your company only requires a small technical footprint, hiring a firm to manage your network may feel a bit unnecessary.

Consider, though, the complexity and costs of preventative maintenance and downtime for your business when systems fail. In many cases, these costs are higher than outsourcing the management of your network.

The keys to maintaining a high level of up-time are visibility, planning, and preventative maintenance. We've partnered with Auvik to provide these capabilities in real-time no matter if the footprint is local or global and across any combination of on-premises, cloud, or hybrid scenarios.

With real-time network maps, traffic insights, configuration automation, terminal access, alerts, and a dose of AI, your team can manage your infrastructure at any scale from one application.

Get your network off the blocks

It's not uncommon for new clients to contact us when their network is already on the blocks. Restoring a network from an inoperable state back to its glory days usually requires a long list of skills and experiences—and some elbow grease. In most cases, the work can be completed remotely, but our emergency crew is available for dispatch worldwide when remote connectivity is impossible. From rust and dust to fast and furious, we'll help restore your operation's productivity and implement best practices to prevent future issues.

We're not afraid of a little rust.

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. We typically reply within the same business day.

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